1. Who are you?

“I am a girl the world.” A pretty freaking awesome one!


2. What’s your favorite medium of art to create?
I love to write. I love to make fun of myself and make people laugh. Turning my life into a comedy of errors is my favorite way to connect.

3. Who are some of your favorite lady artists? 

I love Frida Kahlo and Georgia O’Keefe.


4. Who is your #1 girl crush?

I think Bethany Hamilton is pretty awesome. Anyone who gets their arm bit off by a shark, keeps on surfing, and is a great role model is worthy of my affection.


5. If you could form (and be in!) your dream girl-band, who would be in it with you?

My best friend Kori, we would be called “The Giraffes” and unite all the tall girls in the world to rock out in our high heels, but we’d let all the short girls come too ‘cause we ain’t no haters.


6. Most importantly, Who run da world?

If I told you…I’d have to kill you.


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